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Coastal Creations
A New Kitchen and Bath Showroom Shines Bright on Martha's Vineyard

By Diane Alter, Photography by Charlie Utz

Meet John Meade, the visionary behind the Island’s newest sensation in kitchen and bath design.

With a passion for creating spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic allure, John has recently unveiled a showroom that locals are hailing as the brightest jewel in Martha’s Vineyard’s crown of design excellence.  

John moved from just across the water in Hyannis to the Vineyard in 1987 to manage an Island carpet store. He started designing kitchens in 1999 while working at N. J. Hinckley & Sons, formerly on Beach road, in Vineyard Haven. In 2017 John went out on his own introducing Coastal Creations – Kitchens and Bath.  

“People say we have the brightest showroom on the Island,” John says. “It’s new, polished, sleek, and with plenty of natural light.”  

“And of course,” John chuckled, “it’s our sunny personalities that make the experience truly special.”

The Coastal Creations showroom, located in Vineyard Haven at 395 State Road, debuted in August 2023. Since opening, traffic has been brisk.  

John always envisioned opening a showroom, but finding the right location and the designing, ordering and construction took some time.    

Initially a one-man operation, John soon recognized the need to expand his team and present his work more visibly. “Working solely from a small office became unfeasible,” he reflects. “The showroom provides me with the opportunity to showcase all of my products. I can demonstrate an abundance of various designs, colors, textures, and functionalities to clients. For instance, we can showcase how many different products can be brought together for a beautiful design.”  

When designing a kitchen or bath, there are several key considerations to keep in mind to ensure functionality, aesthetics, and practicality. They include layout, storage needs, appliances, fixtures, finishes, accessibility, style, and budget.

Trending right now among customers who are upgrading or building primarily seasonal residences are shaker doors on cabinets, with a prevalence of white and wood with a beachy vibe.  

Occasionally, customers opt to add a splash of color on a kitchen island typically in shades of blue or gray.  

For year-round residents, comfort is key. They prefer spaces that look and feel inviting and cozy.

Designing and building kitchens and baths on Martha’s Vineyard are not without challenges. However, Coastal Creations also offers installation services, insuring your project will be covered, start to finish, in a timely and professional manner.

Integrating sustainability and environmentally conscious considerations into designs is often a key part of John’s discussions with clients. Coastal Creations takes pride in offering products from cabinet companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental issues. John understands the importance of eco-friendly options in today’s world and is committed to providing clients with choices that align with their values and contribute to a healthier Island.

Designing a kitchen or bath should be more than just a task on your to-do list. It should be an enjoyable journey that brings your dreams to life. Coastal Creations understands the significance of this process and is committed to making every step of the way a rewarding and successful experience.

Your journey towards the perfect kitchen or bath becomes a seamless partnership with Coastal Creations. Combining your ideas with John’s expertise, Coastal Creations transforms concepts into reality, creating spaces that not only reflect your expression but also enhances your lifestyle.  

Whether dreaming of a sleek, modern kitchen for entertaining guests or a tranquil spa-like bathroom for relaxation, Coastal Creations will turn your aspirations into tangible designs. Its personalized and tailored approach ensures that every detail aligns with your taste and budget.  

Discover the joy of designing your dream kitchen or bath with the help of Coastal Creations.

If you’d like to learn more about Coastal Creations Kitchen and Bath, visit:, Phone: (508) 338-7106, E-mail: The showroom is located in Vineyard Haven at 395 State Road