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A Tale of Two Sisters
Landing On the Same Page

By Melissa Clay

When we think of health and fitness, we usually think about being active, having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. What about stress; sometimes is an obvious part of daily life. Being a strong independent business woman can be stressful. Is it possible to be successful without being stressed? I want to introduce two beautiful and incredible sisters Alison and Katherine Wilson, Islanders both, born and raised on the Vineyard. One thought success meant leaving and embracing corporate America, the other followed her heart, and in the end both landed at the same incredible destination.

Katherine’s Story
She learned early on in life that each decision she made, would have great impact on her future. So instead of rushing off to a four year college, she decided to trust her instincts and began to travel the world, exploring what life had to offer. All the while; massage therapy was always in the back of her mind. Upon returning home she did her research, and found the right massage school for her; The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT), in the jungle and on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica. She immediately applied; and after saving enough money working on-Island as a gardener, off to Costa Rica she went. It was two years after graduating that she ended up back at CRSMT, this time as a teacher. She taught a number of bodywork courses there, and also back in the U.S. at the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado. Deciding that Martha’s Vineyard was truly her home, she deepened her roots, and started her own business. Specializing in therapeutic massage, and now teaching yoga as well. Katherine is always learning new techniques and discovering various modalities to incorporate into her thriving practice. All with the intention to better support her clients needs. From her second floor studio blissfully overlooking the Lagoon pond in The Tisbury Marketplace she happily continues to cultivate her craft, and expand her practice.

Alison’s Story
After graduating college her path focused on achieving the dream in corporate America, landing at Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Boston. With her tireless work ethic, dedication and passion to succeed, after only five years Alison became a regional manager in Boston. The suit, the heels, the late nights, the early mornings and the stress were all a big part of her life. She would come back to the Island for a few days here and there, and would see her sister happy, relaxed and doing exactly what she wanted, building her business, making her own schedule, living stress free. Ten years, a six-figure income and piles of stress later, Alison was hungry for change; she left her job and moved back home. At lightning speed the dynamic duo started their first business, they purchased a house; and immediately started renovating with the intent of creating a vacation rental. Alison was thinking of what she could do for a career on the Vineyard. She noticed the Island was in need of an electrologist, (permanent hair removal) a service she had seen booming in the city. She immediately went back to school to become a Registered Electrologist. “Any road blocks or challenges became learning opportunities,” Alison says “no was just a deferred yes, focus on what you WANT in life instead of what you think is right; focus on the positives “can” and “will” instead of “can’t” and “won’t.”

Fast foreword a few years the Wilson sisters both have two successful businesses on Martha’s Vineyard–one venture together; the real estate they manage, and individually as Alison Rose Wilson Electrology and Katherine Wilson Massage. Though their passions are very different they don’t look at what they do as work but as truly taking care of people, making their client’s lives better. “This is what moves and drives us,” they say, “which makes OUR lives better. We now go to “work” with a smile…and stress free.”

For more info or to book appointments contact: Katherine Wilson, LMT, 508-951-9130,
Alison Rose Wilson, R.E., Electrology, (774) 563-0474