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She Makes the Cut
The Multi-Colored Layers of Taylor Stone

By Amelia Smith

Taylor Stone brings clear and decisive vision to her art. Her cut paper artwork ranges from whimsical cacti set in tiny flower pots to framed illustrations and 3D art. She builds her art as layers of cut paper assembled with careful attention to color, light, shadow, depth and texture. “I have really been trying to push what I can do with paper lately,” she says, “I am trying to move away from silhouettes and flat shapes, and have started experimenting a lot more with folding and curving papers where I can to really play with that 3D feel and the shadows that I can create. I've also been leaning in to my love of magic and fantasy themes: witches and fairies and creatures hidden or featured in my newer personal projects.”

“My work is a lot of fun. I actually do really enjoy the cutting. I have to think layer by layer and plan the whole process,” she says about the medium. Brushing the color on different papers givesTaylor complete control over the shades and textures, which can be tricky to get right, even with the impressive array of paper in her flat file cabinet.“Whenever I find paper I like I buy it,” she says.

Cut paper art is difficult to mass-produce, as it has to be assembled by hand. Because each piece is so timeconsuming, Taylor makes prints of some of her work.

She also does custom work,“The most commonly asked for are paper reproductions of people's homes. While these are always particularly challenging to make sure they come out just right - they are also what I believe are pushing me forward as an artist. Really focusing in on the architectural details, the colors, the landscape, all of it - is always satisfying when you get it just right for the customer,” she says, “And it's so much fun to include the little details that are always requested - a puppy in a window, a flag on a tree, those sorts of things.” Taylor just joined the co-op Night Heron Gallery inVineyard Haven. “This is its 10th year open so it is an exciting time to be joining. And in the last year or so I have started making notepads to sell along with my prints and original work which will be available there and online.”

Taylor’s Taylor’s work is available all summer at the Martha’s Vineyard Artisan’s Festivals, year round at Night Heron and through the e-commerce website Etsy: TaylorCutsPaper. You can find out more at: