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MV Sound & Security Enhances Your Island Lifestyle

by Amelia Smith

Martha's Vineyard Sound and Security is a father and son team specializing in home electronics. They instal climate controls, fire alarms, entertainment systems, and more. “We can put anything in,” says Jeffrey Hodgson, who started his career as a boatbuilder. “I ended up building custom speaker enclosures, and that was how I got into electronics,” he says.

For his son, Peter, it's always been about electronics. “I used to work as an ironworker on cellular communications towers, and did electronics on those, too,” Peter says. He's enthusiastic about the products they install, including sophisticated controls which allow the user to turn their house's systems on and off via the internet, so that when they arrive on the ferry their house will be bright and warm, waiting for them, and when they leave, they can easily click the house into “away” mode.